AWS Offers New Data Sets

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Amazon Web Services is offering data sets for Freebase, DBpedia, and US Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  They have other datasets as well.

The datasets are available via Elastic Block Storage:

Amazon EC2 customers can access this data by creating their own personal Amazon EBS volumes, using the public data set snapshots as a starting point. They can then access, modify and perform computation on these volumes directly using their Amazon EC2 instances and just pay for the compute and storage resources that they use.

All of this can be done through the AWS Web Console > Elastic Block Store > Volumes.  When you click “Create Volume” a new window will up and there is a dropdown box that allows you to choose from available datasets or you can use the snapshot id numbers that are shown on the public datasets page (because not all datasets are listed in the dropdown box).

What’s even better is that you too can share your data with the world by filling out a form (also found on the public datasets page) and talking to Amazon.

a view of EBS from the AWS Web Console

a view of EBS from the AWS Web Console

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