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So last night James Urquhart tweeted that he was misinterpreted in my blog post.  He said in another tweet:

I never argued *against* PHP/Python/Perl or even use of Linux/Apache by PaaS vendor. Just noted PaaS users *shouldn’t* care.

I apologized and asked for clarification since it seemed to me that there was an argument about whether or not a PHP/Perl cloud was necessary.

I re-read the article a few times, and on the last go around the only new explanations I could see from it was:

  1. if i wrote in php a vendor would deploy in another language
  2. he meant that the LAM in LAMP was what didn’t matter  (although that didn’t seem to be explicitly stated)

In the meantime though, I’ll just wait for a response (I sent it late last night and people tend to sleep) rather than possibly misinterpret more.


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