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Google Wave and WordPress

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Hello All!  This is just me testing out my new Google Wave WordPress plugin called wavr.  Below is a test wave I set up. [wave id=”!w+lqCM5PwgD” bgcolor=”#FAEBD7″] and if you don’t have a google wave account, here is what it looks like.  What’s nice about it is that you can customize the look with different […]


Moving WordPress MU to a New Server

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I have a WordPress MU site that I wanted to move to a new server, and here’s how I did it.  I’m writing this because I did it once, and then forgot how to do it again.  I have a mind like a sieve. First I tarred up all the files for the directory: tar […]

Import WordPress into a New WordPress

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I have a VERY out of date WordPressMU I’m trying to update (v. 1.0). After getting nowhere, I decided (with the help of the boss man) to export out all of the blogs and then reimport them into the new installation. First thing I ran into was that the file was too big. I adjusted […]