Rosalyn Metz is the Chief Technology Officer for Libraries and Museum at Emory University in Atlanta. She leads a diverse cross-functional team that provides technology support for Emory University’s cultural heritage organizations.

Rosalyn has been active in a number of open source software communities and during her tenure Emory has implemented a number of open source software applications including Hyrax, Fedora, ArchivesSpace, Avalon Media System, and Blacklight. .

Rosalyn is on the Editorial Board of the Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL), an application-independent approach to the storage of digital information in a structured, transparent, and predictable manner. The OCFL is used by a number of various repository software applications in the cultural heritage space.

She is a member of the Fedora Repository Governance Group and served as the Chair of Fedora in 2020 - 2021. During her tenure as chair she worked with other leaders to outline Fedora’s Product Position White Paper which lead to the successful release of Fedora 6.

She served as Chair of the Samvera Board in 2021 and prior to that co-chaired the working group that developed Samvera’s Governance Recommendations as well as its financial model.

Rosalyn joined Emory University in 2016. Prior to joining Emory, Rosalyn served as the Operations Manager for the Stanford Digital Repository, a Project Manager at The George Washington University, and has held various other roles in libraries and technology throughout her career.